How to Buy a House in Huntsville from Out of State

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Planning a move to Huntsville, AL, can be difficult if you’re doing it while living in another state. If you’re thinking about buying a house here while living in a different state, we’ve put together some helpful advice for you:

1. Set Up a Timeline

If you’re sure that moving to Huntsville, AL, isn’t just a pipe dream, then it’s time to get serious about it. Start by creating a rough timeline of your move. Whether your timeline is spread over three months, six months, or more depends on your personal circumstances.

Are you actively looking for jobs in Huntsville? Do you have children whose school year should be considered for the move? How long will it take you to wrap things up in your current city or save up to prepare for the move? These are some good questions to consider.

2. Start Your Research Early

If you’ve only ever been a renter, the process of buying a house can take some getting used to. You need to start your research as soon as possible. Why? Because between finding the ideal home and negotiating the ideal price, homebuying can often take longer than expected.

Research isn’t limited to the house itself, either. Read up on the best areas to live in Huntsville, AL, see what each neighborhood has to offer, and figure out which one appeals to you the most.

3. Keep an Eye on Home Values

Paying attention to home values can help you see how much they’ll increase over time. Housing in Huntsville is still quite affordable compared to many other cities in America, but property values are rising steadily here due to high demand.

Knowing home prices will also enable you to check in on your financial situation. It’ll give you an idea about how much you can comfortably spend, and how big your mortgage loan will be. After all, there’s no point in moving to a new city if you arrive there broke.

4. Visit Huntsville

Even though the pandemic has made digital open houses more popular than ever, seeing a house in person is a great experience—and one that’s necessary when you’re moving to Huntsville from another state.

Once you’ve rounded up a few Huntsville properties you’re interested in, visit the city so you can see them in person. Before this, you should get in touch with an experienced realtor in Huntsville, AL, who can oversee the rest of the homebuying process on your behalf after you return home.

5. Make the Process Easier

Buying a house out of state can often be a complicated process, but there are things you can do to make it easier for yourself. Here are some quick and practical tips:

  • Become pre-approved: when you’re pre-approved for a mortgage loan, it indicates to the seller (and your realtor) that you’re serious about buying and already qualified to do so.
  • Find a relocation expert: relocation expertsspecialize in long-distance and out-of-state moves. They can help streamline the moving process and offer personalized advice.
  • Opt for a digital closing: if it’s not feasible for you to come back to Huntsville for the homebuying closing, talk to your realtor or relocation expert about doing it online. It’s convenient and saves a lot of time.

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