How to Spend Your First Week in a New City

At Move in Like a Local, we offer helpful guides and information for people moving to Huntsville, AL. However, this post will be a more general guide for anyone moving to a new city. Of course, it applies if you’re moving to Huntsville, but feel free to use it if you’re moving elsewhere.

Settling in is one of the biggest challenges you’ll face when moving to a new city. However, the first week is going to be crucial in deciding how long it’ll take for your new city to feel like home.

When moving, we all take care of the things we need, but we don’t pay enough attention to what we’ll do once we arrive there. Of course, there’s moving, packing, and unpacking, but your first week in your city shouldn’t just be about that.

Moving to a new city

Here’s how we think you should spend your first week in a new city:

1. Keep an Open Mind

It’s important to remember that moving to a new city can be frustrating at times. However, you must keep an open mind and give your new city a chance before making up your mind about it.

You should understand that this is a significant change, and homesickness is inevitable, so don’t downplay it. Instead, be cognizant of the discomfort and remind yourself that settling in will take time.

For instance, if you move to Huntsville, AL, you’ll find plenty of things to do here. From attractions and events to outdoor activities and day trips, there’s so much you can do to explore the city.

2. Note the Differences

Of course, there will be differences, and they can either be minimal or significant depending on where you’re moving from. We won’t ask you not to focus on the differences.

Instead, we want you to make a list that details all the things you didn’t like about your previous city. Whenever you feel homesick, read the list to find the motivation that led you to this new city.

3. Keep in Touch with Family

Moving to a new city means many changes in one’s life. In such times, it can be comforting to talk to your family as they will remind you that some things in life never change.

If your family is moving with you, the relocation will be a lot easier, but you should also update your other family members.

4. Healthcare & Physical Activity

If you’re a physically active person, you should find a recreational center or gym. Even in a new place, returning to old habits can help you overcome homesickness and make the new place feel like home. If you’re not so physically active, take this opportunity to chart new beginnings.

5. Meet the Locals

At first, it may feel like you can get by on your own. However, sooner or later, you’ll have to interact and bond with the new people around you. A great way to meet the locals is to frequent the cafes and bars near you. Find social events such as festivals etc., near you to interact with the locals.

Huntsville locals at a cafe

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