Visiting Huntsville? Make Sure to Check These Out

An art show at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment

There are a lot of great attractions in Huntsville that you can check out while you’re here. Here are a few suggestions that should be on your list:

1. Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment

Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment is located in an old textile mill building. It’s the largest privately owned arts facility in the region. It features 152 working studios for a group of 200 artists and makers, 7 galleries for exhibitions, and 4 performance spaces. Restaurants, a theatre, and a community garden add to its appeal.

Lowe Mill is the most popular destination for art enthusiasts. Many musical events are hosted here throughout the year, so check ahead of time and book accordingly.

2. Constitution Hall Park

History doesn’t get more immersive than this. Constitution Hall Park gives you a unique look at the 1800s. Visit this open-air museum for a taste of life in the early 19th century with an impressive reenactment. The 90-minute tour allows visitors to explore the 8 historic buildings located here.

In addition to various artifacts, you can also check out a vintage printing press, an old-school blacksmith shop, and a souvenir store. There is also a space for outdoor events with a seating capacity of 150.

3. U.S. Veterans Memorial Museum

If you’re interested in our country’s military history, you wouldn’t want to miss a visit to the U.S. Veterans Memorial Museum. The Museum celebrates military accomplishments dating back to World War I. Its large collection of artifacts and memorabilia includes more than 30 military vehicles.

4. Harmony Park Safari

Animal lovers will enjoy a visit to Harmony Park. You can drive on the preserve’s 2-mile route and witness exotic animals roaming around freely. There’s also a reptile house here that you can visit on foot. Remember not to bring any furry friends with you as the park doesn’t allow pets or service animals.

5. Maple Hill Park

Maple Hill Park is very different from other parks in the city. It’s located near Maple Hill Cemetery—Huntsville’s largest and oldest cemetery—and has earned the chilling name of Dead Children’s Playground.

Legend has it that young Huntsvillian children who died in the Spanish Flu pandemic are buried next to the playground. Locals say that there have been sightings of swings moving on their own and strange figures.

The park is still frequently visited by families despite its reputation and nickname.

Huntsville at sunset

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