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I’m sure the first question you have is, “What is it like to live in Huntsville, Alabama?” Huntsville is as much like an unexpected situation as it is a place. How do you get a feel for a city where natural beauty, rocket science, automotive manufacturing, a military base, entrepreneurialism, and biotech all co-exist in a Southern culture? Move to Huntsville, Al and find out!

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What’s it like to live in Huntsville? What about career opportunities? See what national and local sources have to say.

Huntsville is ranked as the third best American city to live in by U.S. News and World Report.


The city of Huntsville contains over 200,000 residents and 221 square miles. The metro area has about a half million residents. Home ownership rate is 56.7%. There are over 85,000 households with a median household income of about $56,000. Huntsville is on track to become the state’s largest city soon, though Birmingham’s metropolitan area is still larger.


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When Huntsville was first incorported it was dubbed “Twickenham”. Twickenham now applies to the historic district that contains the largest concentration of antebellum homes in the state.

Redstone Arsenal” is the name of the Army base attached to Huntsville and is also home to the headquarters of the U.S. Army Materiel Command, Aviation and Missile Command, Space and Missile Defense Command, Missile Defense Agency, NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, the ATF and, coming soon, the FBI headquarters.


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You may hear the area being referred to as “the Tennessee Valley” due to the fact that the Tennessee River flows all the way across the northernmost part of the state, meeting Huntsville about midway.


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Being new to the area will make you fit right in. Since NASA was born here so many years ago, Huntsville has been a melting pot of people from all over the country and the world. It started when Werner Von Braun and his team of German rocket scientists made Huntsville their home after World War II.

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Huntsville is known primarily for space, defense, automotive and numerous high-tech industries. Emerging technologies include electronic communications, modeling & simulation, geospatial, energy, cyber security, robotics and small satellites. Many of these industries are located in Cummings Research Park, the second largest Research park of its kind in the country.


You come for the economic opportunity. But who knew North Alabama had so much natural beauty?

Huntsville is set in the foothills of the Appalachians. With 132,000 miles of rivers and streams, much of the fresh water resources in the continental U.S. flow through or originate in Alabama. Most of the major rivers contain one or more hydroelectric dams, creating numerous RESERVOIRS for recreation. Seven of these lakes are within a two-hour drive.