The Great Outdoors

Exploring the
Great Outdoors

If you enjoy outdoor adventures and reconnecting with nature, you’re going to love Huntsville, AL. The city has so many exciting activities that will keep you busy and ensure that you get your weekly dose of exercise.

Take the Aldridge Creek Greenway, for instance. The pathway is made for strollers, runners, and bikers, offering majestic views of Green Mountain along the way. Then there’s Ditto Landing for individuals who want to engage in less strenuous activities. Plan a camping or a fishing trip, go for a boat ride, or simply have a picnic on the banks of the Tennessee River. For the best views in Huntsville, hike your way to Monte Sano State Park and catch the sunset.

Looking for new outdoor activities for this weekend? Huntsville has what you’re looking for!

Strap on your boots and enjoy the outdoors like
never before in Huntsville, AL!

Surrounded by breathtaking sceneries and natural attractions all around, Huntsville is a hub for tourists looking to enjoy outdoor activities.

With many state parks, nature preserves, forests, hiking trails, and waterfalls encompassing the city, you have many outdoor activities to choose from.

Our city has over six natural preserves that are dedicated to maintaining wildlife and natural habitats for plants and animals residing in our mountains and other landscapes. These preserves are how we promote environmentally friendly exploration that doesn’t impact our animals and trees.

If you have a pet doggo or want to enjoy the company of some furry friends, Huntsville offers dog parks for you and your pupper’s enjoyment.

When we say Huntsville, AL has activities for the whole family to do, we mean your doggo too. It would be unfair to exclude them from all the fun our city has to offer.

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